Microsoft RMS and Interspire Shopping Cart Link

Microsoft RMS and Interspire Shopping Cart Link


Job Description

We require an interface that would link Microsoft RMS to our Interspire cart. The inventory should be auto updated each time a sale is made.

For example, if someone buys an item in our retail store and transaction is completed on RMS, Interspire should also pick up that inventory change and take the product offline (we only sell 1 of each so if a product is sold it needs to go out-of-stock and not be visible on the front end of our online store anymore).

We also want the system to be able to process discounts correctly, for example if we sell an item on the store with a discount it should be applied on the RMS as well, basically all online orders should also be reflected on the RMS.

In essence, all of this is done by NitroSell, we just want the same functionality but with Interspire. Please check out BizSyncXL for more details.

EDIT: I do not want you to integrate my site to bizsyncxl, i need you to develop something with the same functionalities as BizSyncXL for Microsoft RMS

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