Chinese Product Sourcing

Chinese Product Sourcing


Job Description

Chinese speaking assistant is needed to assist in getting price quotes from manufacturers in alibaba for a specific RFI we will provide you.

the assistant should have very good understanding of TECHNOLOGY.

If you wish to be concidered for this job,
please answer the following questions:

1) what hardware mechanism will prevent an electronic device (such as camera) from getting stuck (because of a software issue)

2) What is GPIO and where will you find it in a wifi security camera.

Payment is 3$ per GOOD quotattion that suits our RFI,
partial or quotations that do not correspond to our RFI will not be paid for.

After every SINGLE quotation you send us, we will provide you feedback and allow you to proceed to the next one.

you will have to work independently and show good skills of knowledge.

There is no negotiation on the price terms.
and the fixed amount in the contract is only for convenience purposes when working with the odesk system.