SIP Application for voice mail escalation

SIP Application for voice mail escalation


Job Description


We are looking for someone to design a voicemail escalation application. This application would act as a SIP client connected to an SIP compatible IP PBX.

When a call is routed to this application, it would allow the user to leave a voice mail message, and then would begin an escalation process by initiating external calls following a brief list of predefined phone numbers, and offer the person to press "1" to accept responsibility for the call and stop the escalation process.

Pressing "3" at the prompt, or not pressing any keys, no response, or after a certain amount of time without pressing "1" to accept the call, the application would hang up and call the next person in the list and repeat the process above until someone presses "1" to accept responsibility for the call, looping over at the beginning of the list if need be.

- Programming language: no preference. Must be a real coded application, not an Asterisk script or module.
- Platform: Preferably Linux-compatible, however it may run on any other platform you may suggest or wish to develop (i.e. Windows, Java, Java Servlet, etc)
- We will provide any audio / voice prompts required by the application
- Application should act as a SIP Client in order to register to our/any IP PBX. Testing will be done against 3CX and Asterisk
- Source code required for the application as it may require customizing and/or modifying of the prompts and escalation numbers.

Skills: voip, internet-applications, application-design, design