Video Editor

Video Editor


Job Description

30 minute interview shot on 3 cameras needs to be edited together, alternating camera angles occasionally to highlight the person talking.

Files will be transferred via FTP or Google Drive. Each file is about 350mb.

2 of the videos are .mp4 format, and the other is .m4v format. We'd like the output to be .mp4 as well.

Can use the audio from the "main" video file for the entire output.

Also need to edit out approximately 15 seconds of video from the middle of the footage. The corresponding time markers for each of the 3 videos are below:
from 15:18 to 15:33 of the "main" video.
from 15:33 to 15:48 on the "nate" video.
from 15:33 to 15:45 on the "charlie" video.

Skills: video