Regular Easy E-Book Writing US$150 / Month

Regular Easy E-Book Writing US$150 / Month


Job Description

We are looking for excellent creative writer to produce English educational e-books for disadvantaged Korean children. Each book requires 300 - 500 words, depending on the Level of readers.

You will be given access to sets of pictures and illustrations and your job will be to pick illustrations or pictures and write a story based on the pictures selected. Level 1-4 requires 10 pictures and each picture requires only 1 paragraph. Level 4-8 requires 13 pictures and so on...

The books will be printed and given for free to Korean children in public schools in Korea.

Very easy writing job. Most of our writers can produce up to 5 e-books per day.

This is a regular, monthly paying job. We will pay US$150 for every 60 e-books. The more you write, the bigger your earnings.

Please write "Korean Children's E-Books" in the first line of your reply and let us now why you are suited for this work.

Thank you!

Skills: english