Ruby on Rails + Front-End Engineer

Ruby on Rails + Front-End Engineer


Job Description

We are seeking a skilled Ruby on Rails / front end developer to create a Web based form builder that allows the user to save form elements (drop down menus, multiple choice question/answers) and reuse them on multiple pages.

We are developing an application that allows the user to create different "pages" using a form builder. Then store values in those pages to allow each form to be cross-referenced.

This system, when finished, should allow the user to create new pages and populate those pages with drag and drop form elements. The user can also add already-created form elements -- for instance, if the user created a "Vacations" drop down menu with menu options like "California", "Nevada" and "Florida", the "Vacations" menu could be added to any page. The user can also add/edit/delete any form element, whether old or new, on any page. We need total flexibility.

We require this system to be built using:

- Ruby on Rails
- Data saved in a MySQL database
- Twitter Bootsrap for all front-end design
- Frontend uses jQuery OR another front-end framework (Angular.js, Backbone.js, etc.)
- All code checked in to our SVN repo

Project candidate must be comfortable communicating via email and Skype to discuss project details.

To apply: Please provide a detailed description of at least 1 RoR project you have worked on. Then describes what challenges came up while working on it. Please also add any experience that you might think is relevant to our job above.