CTO For NOT made in China Marketplace Start-up - Prefer U.S. Candidate

CTO For NOT made in China Marketplace Start-up - Prefer U.S. Candidate


Job Description

Proudly NOT made in China.org (pnmic.org) is an online service dedicated to finding listing NON Chinese made items while support NON China manufacturers.

There are two major problems the American consumer is facing, too much made in China and not enough Made in USA. At PNMIC we strive to solve those to issues. Except the Made in USA can also be made in any country but USA. However, for now, only US based manufacturers can sell on PNMIC.

Take a quick look at the site the above should be self explanatory.

A little background about our venture. We the founders are a seasoned team of old school programmers from the first dot com era about a dozen years ago. Thanks to the popularity of crowd sourcing (think groupon, wikipedia, kickstarter) and online shopping, we are back again for round two!

As for crowd sourcing, PNMIC functions as an open database for products not made in China. Anybody can submit products to our database.

For online shopping, we offer a marketplace for (now) U.S. manufacturers to sell their products directly to consumers. We use Wepay's copy and paste buttons that act like an entire shopping cart and checkout system all taking place on our site. We make our money by charging these manufacturer clients "rent" if you may. Think of us as a mall. We only charge them by the numbers of products they want us to host for sale. How many they sell is totally not our business.

We've been working on this site on and off for the past well over 2 years, but in the past 6 months, really have put an effort into it. We hired a great agency (from here) in India that we delegate our coding work to. They have been amazing!

What we need now is a CTO. We have big plans and we need someone who is on top of the technology world that has the vision to implement them. Here is just a glimpse of some of the major apps/functions we want to implement.

1) Advertising system somewhat like Google Adwords. This is really how we expect to make our money. Manufacturers or even outside clients can advertise their business or product. We can do banner ads of 250 x 250 and in the searchengine, we can do text ads. Type in shoes in the searchbox at our site to get an idea...

2) Mobile app like red laser that will allow users at any place to just snap a photo of the NOT made in China product and enter some info about it and BAM! It's on our site.

The above, in particular, the Mobile App, would be for much later. Right now, we need to prepare the site for launch on June 1st. So we need to make it look good and function flawlessly.

This is a self funded company. While we will pay industry standard free lance rates, do not expect much work until (if) we start making money. The good news is that you will be commanding our coding agency. Your job would be either to perfect what they have done, our spearhead an initiative and then delegate the coding work to them. Really your duty would be 55% prototyping and 45% actual coding.

This is a great position for someone in College or recently graduated and wants to get some real world experience. The very least you will get to put CTO on their resume.

Here is what we are looking for in a candidate. We really prefer someone based in the U.S. Reason behind it is that we want to make sure the site is up to the standards of what US consumers would expect say from Amazon.com.

Here are the skills we require and work with:

MYSQL, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, CSS and of course HTML (5).

We use Wepay as our payment processor. It would be awesome if you are already experienced/familiar with their system. Please note that. Needless to say, this is a work-from-where ever you are job. Would be cool if you are in LA, but that is no way a deciding factor for employment.

Best of luck to all those who apply and if have any questions/concerns, contact us!