Convert Files To Torrents, Upload To Tracker and Seedbox

Convert Files To Torrents, Upload To Tracker and Seedbox


Job Description

If the title makes no sense, then please don't apply. I need a quote for someone who will take files from 3 different computers that I have (via FTP), download them probably a few at a time to a remote desktop that I will provide access to. Create a new torrent, find a product upload to my own selfhelp/business torrent tracker, then download the torrent from there and upload to my seedbox for permanent seeding.

Here is a video of the job:

Someone who is an expert with file management and torrents may have a much better way of doing this. That is fine.

The core requirements are this:

1. Convert all files that I have into torrents (off of multiple computers).
2. Upload to my own private torrent tracker under my username.
3. Find and add description of the file
3. Upload the torrent and files to my seedbox and begin seeding for my tracker

I really want to get moving on this, I plan on launching this tracker to the world very soon.

Budget is maximum, I will hire the lowest bidder that can demonstrate they can get the job done. Expect in you interview to complete this process one time.

Do not apply if any of this looks overly complicated, I don't have time to teach you, I need you to come in being able to do this. There will be 100s of uploads to do, probably no more than 2-3 hundred.

Skills: windows-7, filezilla-ftp

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