Decision Engine App using Big Data

Decision Engine App using Big Data


Job Description

We are looking for a person or team that help develop a cloud based "decision engine" application. This app will apply algorithms to data to help create historical charts as well as Predictive Analytics, The user interface should be very intuitive - we can provide mockups. The database should be cloud based with room to grow (ie AWS EC2, Hadoop, etc). There should also be a middleware layer that can send notifications, emails, etc. The application should have an open API to integrate easily with other cloud based apps such as, Google Apps, Public Data Sources, etc. The user should have the capability to upload an Excel spreadsheet to analyze and merge with existing data sources.

Contractor requirements
We’re looking for a long-term partner to develop and continue to build this app. The ideal development partner has successfully developed Big Data applications using Visualization Tools and is passionate about cloud application development in general. We have several projects on the backlog and would like to partner with a team to build out the applications.

How to apply:
Please respond with a cover letter that includes your Big Data/ cloud development experience, including links to examples of past work.

About the company
Our company is a US-based startup that allows SMB's to create custom cloud apps based on their business needs.