Joomla Component Developer for a New Concept Project!

Joomla Component Developer for a New Concept Project!


Job Description

About the Job:
We are developing a new concept site which will be SHARED with the members who meets the expected qualification/by interviewing. We have managed to lay the initial flows for this concept site and now we are on the lookout for a Joomla Developer to help us lay the initial foundation by developing a Joomla Component.

Basic Functionality:
This Joomla Component should allow mostly the front-end operation rather than the usual Joomla back-end administration. So based on the type of user (like admin or member) corresponding functionalities/privileges will be loaded in the front-end (like how we have an option to show "EDIT" functionality in editing an article in the front-end). However, we will still need the back-end functionality as well for more super-admin functionalities.

Expected Skills:
1) Should have good knowledge in JOOMLA and PHP.
2) Previous experience working in Joomla is a MUST.
3) Concept site involves working with third party payment gateways, though you won't be creating a payment module but it is expected to have knowledge related to payment gateways and its integration within a website
4) This application will involve storing multiple files in the mysql database, so should have knowledge in file handling within mysql database.
5) Some parts of the sites will be secured, so knowledge about SSL is required. Security to this Joomla site is a very important requirement.
6) We are planning to use cloud servers for hosting or may be just for the database, so probably either Rackspace or Amazon for this as we need a reliable and fast access. So knowledge to work with these Cloud Servers is needed.

Will be posting more jobs depending on the outcome of this or if I find a great developer through this job, then will be assigning the entire development to him/her.

Looking forward to some great work, start applying!

Skills: amazon

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