Timesheet Database

Timesheet Database


Job Description

Critique and help me modify a mult-user database design for a timesheet application I have started in MS Access.

I need the contractor to guide me in the design process of the database table structure and relationships to ensure that established business rules are addressed and that it will efficiently handle the amount of data expected.
Additionally, the design should be optimized so that I can create queries and code that will make it relatively easy to implement a friendly, navigable interface and produce the desired output.

This will be a weekly time sheet application for a small construction company that will hold time for construction projects as well as other non-construction departments. I have identified the users' requirements and many of the business rules.
While the scope of this design will deal with timesheets, the design is meant to ultimately interface with other processes such as payroll processing and time & material billing to customers.

The key skills the contractor should have are understanding of how to set up database designs that balance querying performance, ease of user input and ease of producing required output.

The contractor should have some experience with some fairly sophisticated database designs and also be patient with me as I'm learning. If this is successful, the potential for additional work for the contractor exists in the future.

Skills: design, billing