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Cake PhP Developer


Job Description

USA start-up online company seeks cakePHP developer to work on our website currently under development. Our existing developer is behind schedule and we are seeking additional support to supplement their work. We are seeking a long term relationship with the successful developer selected as we have many additional modifications to our website to be performed. Do a great job at a great price and we can furnish more work. You must also be available to communicate with me via Skype, phone, and/or email during USA EST time Zone (9am – 1pm) when needed. Calls will be scheduled in advance when required.
On the main page of our web-site (a new homepage will be implemented in a week) - here we need an email notification and data capture function
(capture email - a pop-up with custom text, a box with email (validation on this field), data/time of submission, zip postal code of user, and service the
user wishes to be notified of when it's available) - once a user clicks on the Affiliates
program - a coming soon page appears and a box with an email capture,
where user inputs his email, zip code, and indicates with a check box the upcoming
services he's interested in (see here for a list of services as well as our
newsletter and when the user clicks
"submit" two things should happen - 1. the data is stored in a database accessible to us from the Admin Panel for marketing purposes (a new table in the DB needs to be created). 2. The user receives a pre-scripted auto-reply email for every
service(s) selected in the pop-up check box that includes a brief description of the
desired upcoming service selected. The user email data captured should be stored in a separate section accessible and with sort capability in the Admin panel (we should be able to sort and filter on all the data fields captured (a separate section in Admin panel needs to be created))

Skills: marketing

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