PHP online portal development

PHP online portal development


Job Description

Looking for a PHP developer with experience to complete a project another developer has started. The project has about 30-40% to be completed. The project is in ZenD Architecture. Only apply if you feel comfortable with ZenD and can take over another person's project.

The developer will need to do the following:
• Complete editing 17 HTML pages (use existing design)
• Use existing Oracle DB views to display data through an existing PHP API
• Use existing Oracle DB functions to search/display/post back to Oracle through an existing PHP API
• Confirm PCI compliance on all Credit Card processing – Gateway
• Confirm that the platform is installed correctly and check for security threats

The functionality that needs to be achieved

• View REAL TIME data from Oracle DB using Oracle Vies and API
• Collect deposit payment and post back to DB & print/email receipt
• View customer outstanding invoices
• View / print in PDF account summary
• view / print in PDF invoices & orders
• collect payment via CC and eCheck and post successful transaction back to Oracle.

• user account management
• aging email text editing

You do no need to be efficient with Oracle, our Oracle DBA will help you with anything you need from Oracle.

Please only bid if you had experience building this kind of system before.

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