Need Quality Writers With Journalistic Bent Of Mind

Need Quality Writers With Journalistic Bent Of Mind


Job Description


As the title suggests, I need experienced, quality writers that have a journalistic bent of mind, have been involved in writing copies for media houses, or have been associated with different known or lesser-known production houses.

The writers will need to be able to commit to a deadline- bound work, and understand the importance of it. At the same time, they will need to produce top notch copies, devoid of fluff, amenable to reason and flow. Something that runs with the audience like a knife through butter.

So interesting copies, that will make the reader want to read them till the end.

Getting to rates, I'll expect manageable rates for candidates with such qualities, since I am looking for a couple great writers that could be in this for the long term.

Please post a few samples of your work, along with your bid.

I'll start with a 1-2 copies project, with the writer/writers of my choice. Those will be private projects, right after the selection.