App development

App development


Job Description

Create cross platform mobile template which I will be able to populate and modify. Targeted platforms are iPad, iPhone, kindle, android devices.

This application relies on accessing data from .csv files and displays results in designated fields(text boxes) as well as displaying media. Images and possibly video.

I am looking for a custom slider interface in the form of a dial. The ability to save an ingredient list. And a method for searching the entire database the largest of which is only 200 rows by 160 columns. All the other .csv files are smaller.

I have already created this program in a third party game creation tool. However this is not a game. It is a recipe/reference app.

I wish to integrate Facebook,pintrest,twitter stuff into the app so that recipes can gets likes and people can share parts of the app through their social forums.

I can send a screen flow movie to interested applicants demonstrating what I have accomplished so far.

I have a very clear vision of what this app is and does which I believe would make this project go quite smoothly.