Lead Engineer

Lead Engineer


Job Description

We are looking for talented and passionate front-end and back-end engineers who can lead the development of the platform. The ideal candidate would have atleast 5-7 years of front end development experience and be a self-starter. The team members are distributed geographically so its extremely important that the candidate be comfortable working in a rapid and chaotic environment. The candidate should also be able to demonstrate experience in leading technical teams. He/she should also be able to write code based on plain high level product requirements and basic mockups.

Mandatory Skill: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Apache, XAMPP, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, Linux, Scripting, Media related implementations, Amazon Web Services, algorithms, Web Services, UX designing.

Optional Skill: Design Patterns, White and Black box testing, Server maintenance, Security, machine learning and information retrieval, Mobile development technology.

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