Local Buisness Directory Site

Local Buisness Directory Site


Job Description

I need a local buisness directory site designed with a full CMS. This site is going to be a local

buisness directory/review site. The site needs to have a scrapping tool to populate the site from

There will be a four tier system

Under each different buisness category. I want to be able to Add Premier Buisness, Verified Buisness,

and then just the regular buisnesses thaat have been scrapped from yelp.

Recommended listings will always be at the top. These are reserved for paid sponsors. These should be bigger listings obviously where we are able to throw up some photo's, maybe upload a coupon, and give a short bio or description.

Verified Listings. These will look the same as a regular listing, but once they will be listed above the regular listings. To become a verified listing, the buisnes owner must register his contact information with us and be approved. This also gives them the ability to reply to questions and comments that are lited in the reviews on their company.

Regular listings. Just the plain old listings you scrap from yelp.

And then there is the Bad Buisness listing. These listings should be listed in Red with no information or listings to their website. Just whatever bad/review comment we decide to put on it. This one will rartely be used, just will be used to Tag Scam buisnesses.

In order to comment or review on a buisness, they must first register with us. Just collect basic informtion and give them the option to upload a photo/avatar of themselves.
I would like to do some sort of points/reward system for reviewers. Each review they right should earn them 3 points, if they are able to provide pictures, or a copy of the menu for restauraunts, etc. Each approved picture will be worth an additional 2 points. We need a built in Reward store too. Where we can add items where reviewers can spend their points. Also, with each listing there should be a small link to "report outdated information" if someone is able to provide us with information on the company that we don't have yet.. IE biz hours, updated phone number, etc. They should be issued 1 point for each update they provide us with as well.

All of our surfers informtion needs to be stored in some in DB where I can easily dump their information into a spreadsheet or something. Name, Address, Email, Age, Gender, and I want our site to track which links/categories they use on our site.

I am not a technical person at all. I need an admin for this site that is easily managed by myself. Must be able to manually set the tier of a buisness, add, delete, and edit information on them as well. Must be able to create new pages on the fly.

Here are some biz directory site layouts I like for you to keep in mind while doing the design. I like the top part of CitySearch.com where it shows the images for each category. I want a simple homepage similar to that. Without all the extra stuff it has at the bottom.

This doesn't have to be done in wordpress. Any easy to use CMS is fine with me.