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Wordpress Theme


Job Description

I'm planning to launch a Wordpress site to host security related tutorials and lessons. The content will primarily be video lectures I create.

The site will be www.securitytalks.com and will be similar in idea to www.ted.com. I have selected a theme (TEDxYYC) and need assistance in updating it. I have a test version of the site at sectalks.assurity.ca

1. Update the theme so I can specify my logo and feature image on the home page (this should be configurable via the Wordpress dashboard and not hardcoding it). I'd also like to know how to configure banner/ribon that appears in the header.

2. The theme includes special admin features for speaker, videos, committee, sponsors and feedback. I'd like to discuss how these are designed to work and how they can be modified.

3. I plan to use the speaker and videos features of the theme. There appears to be some hard coding in the theme that may need cleaning up (i.e. there is no need to group videos by year).

4. When adding a talk, I would like to specify a link to a YouTube video that will be embeded and played on the site. I would also like to provide a link to a downloadable version of the video.

5. There should be an RSS feed for talks. This feed will be used in iTunes as a video RSS feed so people can subscribe to download videos (based on the link to the downlable version).

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