PayPal order form

PayPal order form


Job Description

We require a PHP/HTML PayPal order form, capable of the following features:

1) Possibility to specify PayPal fields Item Number, Item Name and amount via URL string upon calling order script.

2) Collection of customer data, specifically the following:

- Full Name
- Email Address
- Street Address
- City
- State
- Zip/Postal Code
- Country (Dropdown selection)

3) Human verification with total amount owed shown at the bottom, along with submit button.

4) Upon submission the details entered should be sent to a specified email address along with the submission IP, a confirmation should also be sent to the user as a order confirmation. It would be good if a unique order number could also be included, which is sent to the customer and us (Maybe this could also be used for the item name to allow us to link emails to transactions). Email sending should be done via SMTP and not PHPMail.

5) The user is then redirected to PayPal to pay the total, after payment is completed the user is then redirected to a payment complete page.

We're after the raw code here, so styling and CSS etc is not required, we just need working code that we can drop into our own website style etc. Key focuses should be placed on security as this will be a public facing form for our customers to order from.

The right applicant will be considered for future development we have planned.