build a inventory control system

build a inventory control system


Job Description

I am currently selling products on Amazon worldwide (USA, Britain, France, Germany and Canada).
As my stocks are in a large number, it is practically impossibly to keep track of them individually and adjust prices by hand.
I am therefore looking for a programmer to develop a system using Amazon's API service.

I would like this system to do the following:

- Comparison between the current price listed on Amazon overseas and the current price listed on Amazon Japan.
- (The system will enable to set exchange rates and fees and calculate profits automatically)
- Check stocks in Japan or not.
- If no stocks, the system enables cancellation of the lists automatically.
- Enable output data by CSV

Currently, it is our ideal system plan.
Is there anyone who can create such an convenient system I described above as we can unify management of stocks on Amazon?

I am looking for a business partner who can work with me for a long time, hopefully for the rest of my life, who can take care of issues such as updating system or trouble shootings.
So as long as I use a system you create, I will pay $60 a month.

If I evaluate the system as very valuable, the compensation will be increased.
My motto is to create mutual benefits for each other.

If you apply for this work, please let me know the estimate of days to built this system.

If you're experienced and/or if you can understand Japanese, you will receive favorable treatment.
I look forward to your reply.

Thank you

Skills: amazon

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