Android Application

Android Application


Job Description


We just released a phonegap application working perfectly on any iphone and recent android.

But on Android 2.3 or not powerful android. The application is too slow.

We are looking for a developer one of this solution :

1 - Expert in phonegap and javascript who can speed up javascript animation (it's the css transform who is too slow on old android). But I don't think it's really possible :) Challenge !!

2 - Creation the slider menu in pure android which will communicate with the webview.

3 - If it's still too slow a full android dev which should be compatible from 2.3 to 4.1 and with screen adaptation.

For the specification, you can find the full version of the javascript version here:
We need the same in Pure Android.

Budget not defined. to be negociated.

Code should be cleaned and well commented