Java / Android / J2ME / Developer

Java / Android / J2ME / Developer


Job Description

Real-world performance based contributing member to one or more multi-site scrum software development project team(s) ranging from one to six people. Each team member is assigned a specific role within the scrum agile teamwork development process framework. Each member will work autonomously; yet participate in online close (real-time) collaboration with the team (including part-time contributors) to produce frequent and regular delivery of high quality commercial software.

Specific work assignments will include, but not be limited to: developing, testing and debugging new Android applications in Java; working with existing commercial product code to improve existing product functionality, add features, or maintain existing code by debugging, fixing, regression testing and releasing new versions; and/or participating in wholesale refactoring of existing code.

Minimum Hardware Requirement: Candidate shall provide personal fully functioning J2ME or Android development environment.

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