Hotel price comparison engine - xml/api connection

Hotel price comparison engine - xml/api connection


Job Description

We are looking for expert who can develop "hotel price comparison engine" similar to,, type.

We have already signed up and ready to aggregate with around 10 different hotel wholesalers (Travco/GTA/Hotelspro/Kuoni/Hotelbeds..) for XML connection so, you should be expertise in developing travel portal and integrating with API.

-You MUST BE ABLE TO aggregate data feeding from various vendors/wholesalers and merge & data mapping to integrate information. Various data are collected from numerous website by API/XML/Data feeding then, filter/data mining/implement/conversion (Simply, read data and structuration)

- You must have experienced of creating hotel price comparison engine.

- It requires professional level of Xml/api/php/mysql/ajax/jquery skills

- You must be able to use scheduler function using linux's cron, Connect service A and Service B with specified option.
(When something happens (THIS) then do something else (THAT)

- API Demon: Periodically, data connect by API (Each vendors operate with different communication, you must be able to develop by each)
- First demon: 99% of static data /
- Second demon: Dynamic data
- Parsing demon: classification data by name, content and be process database

Only relevant experience/references will be taken into account.
We want to see relevant references or demo site made by you.

Please review carefully and let us know your availability

Thank you

Skills: linux

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