Travel Writer for Asian Countries

Travel Writer for Asian Countries


Job Description

Choose only 1 or 2 articles. Each article will be paid separately.

Hi! I am looking for travel writers for asian countries. Must know how to play with words and with vivid descriptions. The article will be on describing the Cities' toursit attraction, its locals, foods and etc about the country or city.

It would be better to put like some taglines or creative article titles

These are the list of the countries:

1. China
2. Hong Kong
3. Singapore
4. Philippines
5. Thailand
6. Indonesia
7. Brunei
8. Malaysia
9. Cambodia
10. Macau
11. South Korea
12. Japan

Please submit to me some samples of your creative writings and chose which article will you be doing.

Article must be original and not copied and with atleast 500 words.

Should have correct grammar.

Skills: english, grammar