App Developer

App Developer


Job Description

***My apologies- this job is currently on hold.***
However, feel free to answer the questions below.

1. What was the last thing you built that you think is really great, and why are you proud of it?

2. What is your commercial and non-commercial experience with mobile platforms?

3. **Knowing that each app project is unique, please answer this...
Within the last year, what is your AVERAGE cost you charge per app project? And how many hours on AVERAGE does an app take you to complete?

4. What techniques and libraries have you used to interact with Web Services?

5. **Please name one or two phone apps that I can see on iphone App Store that you have created or feel confident to create.

6. What phone do you own and what apps do you use?

“Which one are you?”
Please answer:

A.) I would rather produce top quality products and have average communication and social skills.

B.) I would rather have top quality communication and social skills and produce average products.

Skills: software-development, games