Website Design + WHMCS Integration & Customisation.

Website Design + WHMCS Integration & Customisation.


Job Description

YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE IGNORED UNLESS YOU ADD "znhost" TO THE TOP OF IT (so we know you haven't copied and pasted it carelessly)

There is 2 parts to this task part 1 is designing a clean and simple website for a hosting company, similar to that of, part 2 is whmcs integration and customisation of the 'default' template. Both parts are explained in more detail below.

Part 1: Website Design
The website design should be clean and simple, it should also slightly resemble the website that is currently available at znhosting [dot] com.
The website should be search engine friendly as well as the other specified requirements.

Required Page layouts:
- Landing Page
- Index/Home Page
- Domain Reg/Renew/Transfer Prices
- Master Reseller & Reseller Hosting
- Shared Website Hosting
- Servers (x2)
- Blog

The site should be PHP or HTML (or both) with CSS and a touch of JavaScript.

Part 2: WHMCS Integration and Template Customisation

WHMCS should be integrated into the website however I would like my WHMCS design to be customised.In stead of the origional template called Default, i would like this template to be altered so it isn't as obvious that WHMCS is in use,

SOME of the things I want changing:
- The WHMCS navigation should look similar to the main site navigation
- Title/Headers font
- I want each page to have a different layout than the default whmcs themes
- SMARTY templates should still be in use
- The new template needs to be CLEAN and SIMPLE

The Optional Extra's (say in the application if you will not do any/some of these)
- Email Template
- Invoice Customisation
- RSS Feed customisation

Feel free to contact me for the current billing system URL and more information.

Skills: design, billing