Create A mobile Application/Server

Create A mobile Application/Server


Job Description

Before YOU apply.... The Price IS FIRM...For both Front End and BackEnd...Some of the Front End work is done.
We will need a mobile application that will communicate with a server. You must know how to use dreamweaver, and also understand that we are very punctual.

If you are unable to work within a schedule please do not apply. We will be offering a Bonus based on the work that you provide to us and the time table you release it. In other words the Faster you complete the work THE more bonus percentage you will receive.

Please note that this application will be used in multi-family housing community and shall have to allow them to create a username and distinguishable by other and therefore need to be easy to manage and add pictures, and push alerts, and also messages. Also the application will need to allow the server to upload more information.

It will need to be written in dreamweaver. and compatabile with both IOS and Android WIndows would be a plus

You will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and also a noncompete agreement and other documentation before the full amount is released.