Customer Payment Portal

Customer Payment Portal


Job Description

I am looking to find either buy or develop a portal for users of a utility company to be able to check follow and pay their bills.

Therefore, I would like to see what is available already that might facilitate development, setup or modification of something like that.

I would like to hear from people who already have experience in that area and can help me make a decision. In practice what I am looking for are:
- Frameworks / Tools that would make something like that easy/easier (don't mention Zend, or Symphony etc... unless there you are suggesting something already built on that)
- Previous portals build in PHP or C# ( I favor php as I am more familiar and I find it more flexible) for sale
- People who have worked on any of the above

if interested provide me with enough information for me to think you are serious but not TOO MUCH (it is unecessary to list any project that is not related to what I am looking for. I don't need to know everything you worked on). Also it is useless to tell me about your evaluation score or to go check your CV (that is quite annoying actuall). Make sure the first word of your reply is "PO99"

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