Job Description

I want a Greetings card to stand out from the crowd, whether this be through an exciting card format, interesting use of finishes (emboss, foil, glitter, varnish, gems, googly eyes, printed card attachments, bespoke attachments, buttons etc), or simply stunning designs that stand out from the competition.

Target Audience

16-34 year olds.


Think about the sending situation. Why would you be sending them a card? What is the occasion? Birthday card to a friend or to a family relation? Something to say good luck, get well? Congratulations? You’re getting married? Simply ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’?

Also please note: Women buy far more cards than men.

Is the card design-led or copy-led (could be a quote, just a ‘hello’ or a longer message)?


You must design at least 4 cards. These will include:

Front page designs.
Designs for the inside of the cards (this may or may not include an insert).
A range name and logo to be printed on the back page.
Remember to think about the envelope colour or design.
Suggested card sizes – 159mm x 159mm, 121mm x 184mm, 137mm x 159mm, 110mm x 210mm but don’t let that restrict you.
Add 3mm bleed to all artwork supplied.

Skills: varnish, design