game for android and iphone

game for android and iphone


Job Description

Game Developers, I need quotes! I have a simple paper airplane game i would like to get started on very soon. Then 2 more games after that if im happy with your work and price. Like i said, this game will be very simple.. no background graphics. just white. maybe a simple design if you have something in mind. i have no graphics myself or sounds. it will be entirely made from scratch by you. i want it made for the android and apple market.

the game will start with the paper airplane on the far left side of the screen.. with a "THROW" button on the bottom left under the airplane. once the "THROW" button is pushed, the plane will start gliding across the screen. there will be pillars going from the top to the bottom of the screen with a small gap on each pillar. the pillars will start off a few inches apart from each other, then as the player gets further, increasing the yards/feet, the pillars will get closer and closer making it harder the further you go.

the goal is to fly the paper airplane through all the gaps of the pillars.. the location of the gaps will be different on each pillar.

the player will control the paper airplane by swiping their finger up and down on the right side of the screen. So to make the airplane go up, you swipe up. to make it go down, you swipe downwards.

score will be measured by yards or feet.. and again. i need someone that can make it for both ANDROID AND APPLE MARKET!

Please send me your quotes!

Thank you for reading! i look forward to working with you!

Skills: games, graphics, design

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