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I need to load using Moodle 1.9.19 version due to the PHP version that I have at the moment.

I have the quiz for 4 subjects with 6 different levels different year - English, Maths, Science, Chinese in PDF format, containing text and images. Each subject is nicely split into per year paper. I need these transferred to Moodle installation into level & subject base exactly as organized in PDF files.

For example Level 6 has 4 subjects of year x, you transfer PDF files into LEvel 6 per subject per year x based quiz.

- this is basically a copy/paste job, however some basic text formatting will need to be done after pasting in Moodle such as color and bold titles, make the content and text look good nicely divided into paragraphs and photos have to be placed where required as per the PDF documents.

Successful provider will need the following:
- be experienced in Moodle, know how to setup courses, activities (assignments) and quizzes
- must have at least basic understanding of HTML and can work with Moodle's HTML editor
- good text formatting skills, ability to create nicely looking content pages
- Ability to redesigning appearance/theme
- Note that 1 of the subject is Chinese therefore, we will need Moodle to be able to support or you can upload as images whichever works
- The quiz has multiple choice, open ended answer and Q&A (like comprehension)
- After every paper, it needs to compute the result and provide the answers/solutions for the user to see their result
- For the quiz, some of them has images which need to be uploaded too in order for them to do
- Need to have login ability as only registered person can use the quiz/module

Ideal candidate will provide their previous Moodle work samples or URL.


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