Mobile Marketing - SMS system

Mobile Marketing - SMS system


Job Description

I am looking at providing voucher codes via SMS. It is for a vehicle manufacturing business...

Essentially we need to offer a service whereby a consumer receives an email from us and either texts from their mobile to a given number in order to receive a voucher response or clicks through the web page to receive a voucher response on their mobile device via SMS.

So, if the e-mail recipient decided to enter their phone number onto the website an SMS is sent to their phone. Additionally they could just text a number on their phone in order to receive a voucher.

The voucher would need to be produced for the required mobile platforms, it is required to capture the phone database of those who use the service. The voucher would be of a very simple nature. We need to be sure that the voucher will work on traditional phones as well as the major smartphone formats, (this is important).

The original e-mail would be sent from the client, however naturally it would need to interface with the system for the SMS vouchers. It is intended to e-mail @400,000 consumers at a time (I am unsure of the frequency, but probably quarterly), though I do not know what kind of response they would receive - which doesn\'t help.

One additional thing is that where we have a smartphone receiving the response, it will need to offer the most local dealer by locality? If the phone is allowing its locality to be known.

If this is of interest please let me know your price, time frame etc?

Skills: marketing