Power dialer auto dialer needed

Power dialer auto dialer needed


Job Description

Please ignore the bid amount and bid what you believe is fair. In your bid, please describe your proposal. Thanks.

We need a simple auto-dialer system that follows this flow:

- Admin will upload a list with these fields: Name, company, title, phone number
- Admin can setup X number of agents where each agent can call from a distinct uploaded list.
- Agent can access the agent interface by logging in. To be logged in, Agent must first make a regular phone call to a phone # and input his respective PIN. Upon doing so, Agent will be able to access Agent interface.
- Agent can then press a start button on the Agent Interface to begin calling (each Agent will only have one line call (1:1 ratio), and if call pickup is detected within 10 seconds, the call will be switched in and the Agent will be able to see the Name and Company of that contact.

The above are all the features we need (pretty simple system). If you have a pre-made solution that you'd like to sell a license to, or know of any open source platform that can accomplish this, please bid.

This is a simple application, and we need it done urgently. If you have a pre-made solution or know someone. We prefer a Freeswitch solution, but Asterisk would be fine as well.

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