Convert Adobe file into structured excel spreadsheet

Convert Adobe file into structured excel spreadsheet


Job Description

Need individual to convert a large Adobe document with multiple data sets into a structured, formatted, and organized Excel spreadsheet. Original pdf file is 53 pages. We are looking for someone to design a script/program to do this. This is NOT to be done by hand, one at a time. Column headings to be:

1.) List number (1,2,3,4,5...)
2.) Lien Number (bolded code at the top of the entry
3.) Ownership (may need to be more than 1 column)
4.) Physical Address
5.) Legal Description
6.) Formerly Column: These number has a dash in them and are at the bottom of the entry.
6.) Value (1 Column per code)

Individual will need to send the first 15 entries so that we can be sure that the program created is working properly. Once we are sure, we will send half the payment and then half the payment after the final list is received.

We are looking to hire someone on an ongoing basis for multiple conversions of listings in the future.



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