Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails Developer


Job Description

We are looking for a experienced Ruby on Rails developer to work on a variety of projects for our company. Our company falls within the Sports Technology space powering over 3,000 unique sport organization websites.

We have a bunch of great project work which is very well scoped with full wireframe mockups and managed via Pivotal Tracker. Most project work entails updates to existing code base with each project running between a half day to a week.

Applicant should have the following experience.
- Be comfortable installing and running a full RoR stack on their local machine (linux or osx operating system). We have many gems and getting our applications up and running on Windows is very difficult.
- Provide us with your github username with reference to public repos that you have directly contributed to either under your own username or sperate projects.
- Most have at least 4 hours a day of working overlap with our USA team. We work 8am CDT to 5pm CDT (GMT - 5:00).
- Experience using github and knowledge of github pull requests is a most.
- Strong communication skills

Skills: sports, linux