Create Webservice that uses WMI to manage IIS & DNS Hosting

Create Webservice that uses WMI to manage IIS & DNS Hosting


Job Description

We require a Webservice to be created using
VBScript in ASP.NET
that will allow control over IIS, DNS & Permissions for Website Users.

The Webservice will need to then be installed on a Windows Server 2003, 2008 or 2012 and can once installed and has correct WMI Permissions can then allow any requests to the Webservice to be performed.

The basic requirements for the code, is already existing in 3 Classic ASP files we have which you can simply convert to ASP.NET and then setup a Webservice to call the functions and requests that the Classic ASP code has in place already.

Upon request I can supply the three Classic ASP files you will need to be able to convert so you can see what is in them and how much work is needing to be done.

Basically the Webservice will be needing to perform the basic functions a Hosting Control Panel woudl do such as setup and delete websites, edit IIS settings for a website, add,edit and delete DNS Zones & Records.

I am happy to do testing as soon as you have the Webservice ready and have documentation that we can then use to install the Webservice onto a 2003, 2008 or 2012 Server which we have.

So the deliverables required as follows....
Please do not bid if your bid is not for ALL of the following...

1. Webservice coded in ASP.NET using VBScript that has all the functions in the 3 supplied Classic ASP files that use WMI to manage Windows IIS & DNS.

2. Documentation to use for installing the Webservice onto 2003, 2008 & 2012. Even a script file or other form of install to allow us to quickly deploy this onto a server would be really important and we would consider a bonus if you wrote that script file and it worked perfectly!

3. Help with any installation issues to ensure it is working 100% perfectly in a production environment.

These are the things we require and would like to read bids and applications about how you would do this or other important questions. I am not interested in viewing all the websites you have done. I need to see you have the "technical" know how to perform this job rather than websites you have designed. I am hiring you for a techincal aspect so please ensure you talk like that in your Application or otherwise I will ignore it. Talk to me and inspire me to interview you!

Hope to hear form you soon!

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