Windows 2003 Server Help (iis 7), config for web and security

Windows 2003 Server Help (iis 7), config for web and security


Job Description

I had a netgear Prosafe firewall crash. I grabbed a linksys router with DD-WRT installed and got the office back online in a pinch.

Now I cannot get the websites that were hosted on the Windows 2003 Server with IIS7 to show up. I've tried the basic settings, but the previous tech person did not leave notes so I have no idea where the files are stored, what the settings need to be for the router and how to get the single website back online. It is a wordpress website and I need to make sure that the site is live again, the mail server is working and the server is secure.

I have teamviewer already installed on the machine and I will stand by to help (and monitor) the work as this is not my own server. So this should be an easy login and do the work.

So the job is:

1. Get the router configured to serve the website(we could put the firewall back in as I found another in a box, but do not know the proper configuration required)
2. Make sure the mail server is working properly
3. Make sure the server is secure since the firewall was pulled .