Apple (iPhone) Game development

Apple (iPhone) Game development


Job Description

Hi all, Thank you for checking my job offer. This is right now just an idea, as i don't have any skills in the objective C, C++ and any other drag&drop game developer apps.

I would recommend this job for those developers who wants to create the future game, which could be one of the best.

The payment is the following: you can get the profit 25% + if you finish the job 100$ (50$start-50$ finish). I know this is not a huge payment, but if we get money, then it will be higher and higher.

from me:
I am living in hungary / Nyíregyháza, but we can discuss the whole topic via skype, mail, facebook and so on. I am working as an exchange system administrator for 2 years at the T-systems.

about the job:
-Needed any skills and experience from game development (iOS)
-enough free time
-good language skills
-co-operative skill
-to understand how to work the GPS and integrate it into the app

feel free to ask if you have any question.

thanks :)


Csaba Szeles