Major redesign of existing site

Major redesign of existing site


Job Description

Goal: website must be redesigned to increase visitor length. Currently site has high bounce rate. 1) Make articles more attractive. 2) Add a forum.

The website is

Website has 3 sections: custom lander, a Symfony 1.4 backend and an article section using Wordpress. The site was originally designed to capture Twitter users using Symfony. Now the Wordpress section has become popular. The site must now be redesigned to focus on the articles. The lander must be changed to be user friendly to draw attention to the articles instead of signing in via Twitter. This job asks for a total rehaul of the appearance and function of the site.

Also, I would like a forum installed. Should it be on a subdomain or in a new directory on the existing domain?

Your goal is to create a demo or mock-up (live or picture drawing) of what my site will look like. If I approve, then I hire you to execute your design.

Look at and for inspiration.

Leave the Twitter sign in button and figure out a way that it can be used to increase the user experience when visiting the website. No need to remove that sign in function.