shopify programmer needed

shopify programmer needed


Job Description

please email for more details

do u have shopify experience please provide link of your shopify portfolio thaks

Dear Programmer,

Please provide a quote for the following project. You must have experience to qualify for this project. Please provide

Price ( fixed quote in US dollars)
Estimated time to complete project
shopify portfolio web links

Above we have the items that need to be programmed in detail on pdf. You must able to open this on pdf to see the instructions of what needs to be programmed. Below is a summary of what needs to be changed. The website ad both the mobile version of the website both needs to be programmed.

A template has been purchased from shopify however you can use or not use the items from the template. Certain things on the template written will make it easy for you to make minor tweaks the template is the shopify white template. you can click view demo to see all the functions of this template the website has been built on you can also take apart or rebuild anything which ever way you feel is better as long as the above function on composition of the website is maintained. Progammer must be flexible that there maybe a few minor tweaks throughout the project

Progammer will work with Designer to build final website. Designer will provide mouse over icons so forth. ( click on view demo to see final version of template)

Please email your quotes to;

Please allow 48 hours for response.



Programming list in type version same as above

Home page

1st line on Home page from left to right

Home button and aimwild logo in upper left corner on every page for people to click and goes to home page same for home button
Phone and email on left hand corner when click will go to contact us page located in the content page

Register will go to Shopify register area to allow client to have an account to buy and newsletter.
Login is for existing clients to go to log in page
(What can clients do when they register can they see where there tracking number or return on there item?)


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