Django Online Laundry App

Django Online Laundry App


Job Description

I need someone to help me finish up a freelance project that I took on. The project is a web app that allows users to put in laundry orders with my client. The orders — dry cleaning or wash and fold — are scheduled online and one of my client's drivers will come out and pick them up. In the case of dry cleaning, laundry items have to be explicitly listed by the client which has obvious implications for the relevant forms and views.

I'm a software developer / designer myself and recently started a job with big corp. It turns out that I've simply stretched myself too thin to finish this up alone.

I've already implemented a big bunch of the overall system; if I were a gambling man I'd say that it's about 70% done.

Let me list out the tech stack to give you an idea of what's involved:

- Django / Python
- Postgres
- HTML / CSS (obviously)
- Git / Github
- Django Admin (used as a order management backend for my client)

Also in the mix but less essential:
- Bootstrap (mainly to power the responsive mobile version of the site)
- jQuery
- uwsgi
- nginx
- Less

All the basic infrastructure is already in place which means I need the most help with building out the remaining views and forms. I can give some general design direction and wireframes for the missing pages but I'd also love some help on taking over these parts of the app if you feel up to it.

I'm happy to chat about any remaining questions and show off the prototype that I've build out so far.