twilio Java expert programmer needed

twilio Java expert programmer needed


Job Description

Please read carefully....This is an URGENT project.

We need a twilio expert or java expert to help us to get our Java application to communicate with twilio to make calls.

Problem: [1:33:39 AM] Bhavesh MMa: Twilio Support response:
Thanks for your interest in Twilio. Unfortunately it is not currently possible to make a Twilio Client call from Java Swing. This is because the Twilio Client desktop library is implemented in Javascript and Flash, and there is no Twilio Client library in straight Java. The TwilioRestClient class is used to make REST API requests. This would be suitable for traditional click-to-call applications connecting 2 phone numbers, but not for connecting a computer to a phone. So in order to make a call from your computer you would need to write a web application which uses the Twilio Client JS library. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Alex Chan
Twilio Customer Support

PLEASE APPLY today and write in your COVER LETTER your experience with Twilio applications.

This is what twilio says about JAVA:


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