Build an interactive iPhone App

Build an interactive iPhone App


Job Description

The app should be to be sold/downloaded at the Apple App store. The app can tell consumers where to purchase our product. The app will allow consumers to scan the product to confirm that they have consumed the product. This will allow the app to become activated. After mobile confirmation, it will enable them to access the core application and direct them to the relevant portions of the application specific to that product. In that portion of the app, the user will then evaluate themselves by playing some basic games. Users will be given feedback in the form of a graphical output (line graph) as a function of dates over a period of time to see how they are doing and when they purchased the product. Users will be given a reminder to purchase the product if they choose to have reminders activated. The application should be written to be extendable to include other product lines in the future for updates.

An example of an interface feel and data capture would be the iPhone APP called Fit Brains ( with the addition of the functions detailed above. We would really like to hire a talented programmer with a keen eye for the aesthetics of graphical design and the user experience in mind. Overall this project is pretty straight forward and not very complex. All this has been done before but just not assembled as we have outlined here.

When applying, you must answer the following for your bid to be considered:

a. What is your experience with iPhone application development (number of years, examples of apps developed).
b. Provide a description of your team (are you an independent developer, small team, or large company).
c. Provide your availability and work schedule (when can you start, what hours do you work).
d. Explanation of how you test your code.
e. Detail a list of project management tools with which you have experience.
f. Your estimation on how many hours this project will take and of course your bid for the project.
g. Acknowledge that you will sign an NDA if you are chosen for the bid