Find Topic Specific Websites That Need A Logo Online

Find Topic Specific Websites That Need A Logo Online


Job Description

PLEASE READ!!!! I NEED YOU TO SUBMIT A SAMPLE WHEN YOU BID. TAKE A TOPIC FROM THE ATTACHED SPREADSHEET AND PROVIDE THE NEEDED INFORMATION FOR 1 WEBSITE. I ONLY NEED ONE FORM OF CONTACT. EITHER EMAIL,CONTACT FORM URL, OR PHONE. IF YOU DON'T DO THIS I WILL NOT CONSIDER YOU BECAUSE YOU DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL........I have a list of 20 topics. I need someone to find 100 websites related to each topic. I am looking for HIGH QUALITY COMPANIES or sites that DO NOT have a PROFESSIONAL LOGO. I need someone to find good quality sites and get their contact information. I will provide the spreadsheet with the format that I would like the information to be in. You will need to be familiar with google page rank to determine if the sites you finding are well established and quality sites.

I have attached the spreadsheet with the topics you will be researching with the information you will need to collect.

To apply, please pick a topic from this spreadsheet and find ONE website related to that topic and complete the information needed.

Skills: internet-browsing, internet-applications

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