Website Issues and Upgrades

Website Issues and Upgrades


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Im looking for a search engine like, i built the site 3 years ago but it was deleted of godaddy due to payment issues, i have a backup of the files but not the database scehma...

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To be made from scratch, i would like skins etc included and organic results to come from free results service for now, sponsored xml feeds for paid results are from yahoo and other sources........i want the results page to look like the attachment. I have most for the files for the site i am missing the database schema.

On the results page it has Wikipedia, Ebay, Weather widget, etc on the right hand side.

Must be made using frames, style sheets etc and using php

Must be 100% working

Web, Video's, News, Weather, Images etc

For the video please use
Google API for Everything else

Old site files attached...

Skills: yahoo, ebay, video, facebook

Open Attachment

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