FREESwitch Expert

FREESwitch Expert


Job Description

i need someone who has an extensive knowledge about FreeSwitch (specially Fusion PBX or BlueBox whichever is better) i want him to help me build a multi-tenant VOIP server for 5 of my client that has about 5 extensions each and i want to use the multi-tenant features of Freeswitch. For now i just want to build the ff:

1.) install a Freeswitch Server on a Vsphere or Proxmox virtualization environment
2.) Set it up to make and receive Incoming and Outgoing call using Flowroute or Net2Phone Voip provider
3.) walk me to create sample multi tenant accounts and extensions
4.) configure and test the fax server for the accounts both send and recieve
5.) be able to have my 5 AAstra hardware VOIP phones for each client to be able to do Transfer calls to different extension, conference, paging, and push button parking on their organization

i may need an advice on what's the best way to do this...the ultimate goal is to build a VOIP server that i can offer to my clients on a multi tenant environment just like Ring Central or Vonage...i just want to start it locally..maybe 5-10 clients to start with 5 extensions each.

Skills: voip