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Web Development


Job Description

Need a great developer to finish an existing project in one month or less.

Remaining tasks include:

1. creating actions for web forms created using Blue Flame Forms (based on the Zend Framework) such as edit previously submitted responses, view the web form responses that have been posted into a php form, and print the php with posted responses to printer or PDF.

2. make 13 web forms dynamic using JQuery or DOM scripting to show/hide form fields that are not relevant based upon previous responses as well as add rows to the database in the event that a user states that they have more to add;

3. troubleshoot styling/format of php used for posting of form responses; Please note that the form uses a combination of php, html5 scripting and css.

4. add a plugin to Akeeba Subsriptions for Joomla that allows payment processing through Network Merchants, Inc. (NMI) payment gateway using NMI's 3-step redirect process. sample APIs can be provided.

5. misc requests.

Hours available to work during the first week is limited to 3 to allow for review of work. Up to 20 hrs/week will be available if we decide to continue contract.

Please note that this listing is also posted with Freelancer. Please do not place a bid on both sites and do not underbid just to be undercut other offers thinking that you will request additional fees later. Unless the project is grossly misrepresented, request for additional fees will be denied. In addition to the confidentiality agreement you signed with oDesk, you will be required to sign our own confidentiality agreement.

All bids will be reviewed. A bid higher than the posted budget of $500 does not mean that we will not consider the offer.

Skills: dom