Software QA Architect for Web App

Software QA Architect for Web App


Job Description

We are looking for an expert in software testing to set up a comprehensive Quality Assurance process for our web app.

Our app has reasonable unit test coverage, but we need comprehensive integration and UI testing to prevent regressions release to release.

The general characteristics would be:
- Combination of manual and automated (for example webdriver) testing
- Strategy for managing test datasets.
- Would like to slowly build up remote testing team
- Fast-paced release cycle - weekly maintenance updates, big monthly updates
- Need more confidence in release process.

We are looking for an expert to help us set up this system. If this person could go on to help write webdriver tests (we are looking at Sauce I/O) so much the better.

When applying, please provide SPECIFIC examples of QA processes that you have designed and implemented for web applications. If you do not provide specific examples, your application will not be reviewed.

Skills: qa