Lviv/Ukraine only! WEBSITE SUPPORT

Lviv/Ukraine only! WEBSITE SUPPORT


Job Description

We are looking for a versatile and experienced developer from Lviv/Ukraine to join our local team there full-time. You may be "Junior" or "Senior" level - the most important is that you are 100% reliant and available daily from Monday-Friday.You also should have very good web-development knowledge, particularly with shopping carts and the ability to solve technical problems (whatever they are).

Your responsibilities will include:

- Daily shipping preparation (i.e. transfer the orders we receive via our website to our warehouse). You need to be 100% reliable on this and to this every day Monday-Friday (without exception). Depending on the number of orders we received this usually takes 2-3 hours Tuesday-Friday and ca. 5 hours on a Monday (as order accumulate over the weekend).

- Taking care of skipped/failed payments. Getting in touch with customer (via email and if needed via phone) to chase up payments - usually takes ca. 1 hour per day.

- managing the backend of our shopping cart. Improving it so it is more scalable.

- web development jobs where needed (e.g. improvements on shopping cart/ecommerce website). You should have good experience with web development and the ability to solve problems which may come up.

- help out with "localization" of our website - we currently launch in various languages - see

During the 3 month trial period compensation you will be paid on an hourly basis. If we are satisfied we will transfer you fully into our team and pay you via our Ukrainean company. We aim to for your monthly compensation to be very competitive and above average in the mid-term.Depending on your contribution and quality of work we are happy to lift your compensation levels over time by adding bonus components.

You should know about basic web-development, be flexible and versatile and able to help out with other things as well. You should have excellent knowledge of shopping carts (e.g. opencart, magento) and wordpress based websites. You should have experiences with web development.

This is an opportunity for a long-term, full-time job at our office in Lviv. Our company is UK based (Oxford Biolabs) and growing fast. We look for a serious collaboration and highly qualified candidate. You can expect from us the same what we expect from you: highly skilled team, reliable and interested in a long-term collaboration.

If interested

1) attach CV (if available)
2) tell me about yourself and your current working commitements
3) Spend 15 minutes on our website and bullet what improvements you would suggest (only list what you are able to implement/do yourself). Have a look at our shopping cart and let us know your thoughts about it.

We will invite 3 shortlisted candidates to a personal interview in Lviv.

Looking forward to hearing from you.