Job Description

Hello, I need a website made as well as some software.

I need this website to be done fairly quickly (One month) and I need it to be very secure!

I will need a billing software made similar to WHMCS and this website will have one package on and have automatic orders. It would be good if once an email is sent, we upload the data onto the website and then it creates the accounts and installs a WordPress network automatically and all the usernames and passwords and emailed out to each person.

cPanel will be running on the website. It would be helpful is it would be possible for the software to automatically order the domain name from the first option, if not then the second and if that one is not available either then the third.

We will need the software to show a cash flow of the company and how many users we have, all payments and invoices. We will need a database of emails, names and phone numbers as well as the school name.

CSS and HTML will of course be needed to make the website but I'm not too good with this so I'm not 100% sure of what we need to make the website but it needs to be secure.

Also, passwords will be auto generated with accounts so we need a blacklist of some passwords.

For this I'm looking at a price no more than £800.

Skills: billing